Lupe Cunha

Lupe Cunha originates from Brazil from where her colours are inspired.

She started her artistic life as a photographer over 40 years ago first in Chicago where she was inspired by the Abstract Expressionists and the frozen waters of Lake Michigan back in the 70's, then in Brazil where she was inspired by the colour work of Helio Oiticica and the mountains and sea of Rio and then finally settling in the UK where artists like John Piper and Patrick Heron continued to inspire her work while cooling her colours down with our milder weather.

Her work continues to be an abstract figurative style usually inspired on her own travels and photographs and memories from which she composes her paintings. One of her recent projects relates to her personal history and relates to her childhood and her family home.

Also more recently she has started sourcing her abstracts from lyrics and poetry. This excursion into painting from poetry has been a welcome addition to her inspiration sources and something she looks to continuing to explore in her work.

But inveriably she returns to painting from the sea and or the mountains, both dominant influences from her early life and very important to her creative life.

Lupe Cunha lives in Sudbury and works from Cuckoo Farm Studios in Colchester.

She runs regular monthly workshops in Benham Gallery at CFS and in the grounds of the farm over the summer. You can see her current programme in Other Events.

Also take a look at her blog to see what she has been doing recently...